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Created 2-Nov-13
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Licensed bander Nancy Newfield and associate Steve Locke captured two Selasphorus rufus hummingbirds in my yard in Southeast Baton Rouge, Louisiana on October 31,2013.

A male and a female were captured, both categorized as AHY or After Hatch Year birds. The male was of special interest because he was a "foreign re-encounter," a bird that had been banded previously. Their records indicated that he had been banded by Fred Bassett of Montgomery, Alabama.

Recaptures can provide insight into the birds' movements, and Nancy called Bassett to obtain the bird's history. We learned that the bird had been banded in mid November, 2012, north of Mobile, Alabama.

Kevin Morgan, who handles administration and scheduling for the team's banding work, recorded all of the data, which he later transferred to a database maintained by the Federal Bird Banding Laboratory in Patuxent, Maryland.

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