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Created 13-Sep-09
Modified 13-Sep-09
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I made these photographs on an unforgettable afternoon in Salina, Kansas in the late 1980s during which I took a short flight in this restored B-17 bomber. I shot the photographs with a Canon F-1n on Kodachrome film.

The aircraft was restored by an organization called the Commemorative Air Force. You'll find more information about the aircraft here.

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Nose ArtNavigator's StationChin TurretChecking the OilChecking the OilOn the RampRadio Operator's Station.Waist Gunner's StationSecond Waist Gunner's StationUnder the Top Turret Gunner's StationCockpitBombardier's Station in the NoseView from the NoseCockpit while in FlightRamp Display