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Created 16-Sep-09
Modified 16-Feb-17
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Some of my current favorites.

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Shrimp for BreakfastRed Shoulder HawkGreat Egret PosedDawn BalletWood DucksBacklit Pickerel WeedSnowy Show-OffSummer TanagerSnowy on Neon WaterOne Egret's ThanksgivingWhite Pelicans FeedingSnowy Take-offGreat Blue LiftoffPiebald Little Blue HeronGoofy Spoonbill FamilyWhite Ibis PairBattle ScarsWalking on WaterLittle Blue Heron, Gray Day

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Daniel J. Cox(non-registered)
Russ, love the egrets catching fish while on the wing. Very impressive presentation. You've done a beautiful job. Do you mind me asking what system your photo viewer is built on? Is this Smugmug, Flikr or something else?
Marti Lyle(non-registered)
Outstanding. I just hope BP does not ruin our environment. Your work i s amazing and an inspiration to me. Please continue to post.
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