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“However 'civilized,' however much brought up in an artificially contrived environment, we all seem to have an innate longing for primitive simplicity, close to the natural state of living."

Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture

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Nature and wildlife photography are my primary interests, especially birds. Although colorful shapes and interesting textures in man-made environments draw my eye, solitude in the outdoors rewards me in ways the city never will.

My goal is to take you to places and show you things you haven't seen. My hope is that you’ll share my appreciation for wild things in wild places, and that you’ll help preserve and protect them.

If you wonder why I’ve included buildings and old aircraft and people you’ve never met, it’s because I also hope you’ll share my appreciation for history and good friends, and for beauty wherever we find it.

My Background
My real job involves industrial advertising. Photography has always played an important role in my work – buying it, directing it, using it – and I owe a large debt of gratitude to the talented professional photographers from whom I have learned so much during my 35-year advertising career.

Member, North American Nature Photography Association

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Hummingbird Banding

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Hummingbird Banding

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NASA Race Weekend at NOLA Motorsports

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NASA Race Weekend at NOLA Motorsports

Sentimental Journey

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Sentimental Journey

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Blog Images 140223

BMW440i Valentine V1 Radar Detector Installation

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BMW440i Valentine V1 Radar Detector Installation

Fujifilm X100F First Impressions

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Fujifilm X100F First Impressions

1873 Springfield Trapdoor

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Guestbook for Russ Norwood Photography -
David Moynahan(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Russ. You are a perceptivist indeed!
Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph(non-registered)
Hi, Russ...great work! Looks like you have fun doing it all, too. Excellent model for others.
Sharyl Hoehn(non-registered)
Enjoyed looking at all the galleries. Good collection of photos. Loved the detail. Keep up the good work. Bravo
Roger E. Rupard(non-registered)
It's been a while since I visited your site and I'm pleased to see all the new entries. Your images are spectacular and you are a credit to your craft.
I definitely will be back more often.

bill fontenot(non-registered)
whoa got it, dude............
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