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Created 13-Sep-09
Modified 17-Sep-16
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Plants and animals that have captured my attention during my travels and in my yard and garden.

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Three GenerationsQueen on Blazing StarTiger Swallowtail on MimosaAmerican LotusPhalaenopsis OrchidLoropetalum Chinensis RubrumLoropetalum Chinensis RubrumLoropetalum Chinensis RubrumSpirea "Bridal Wreath"Pink CamelliaHibiscus Stigma and AnthersBacklit Pickerel WeedPickerel Weed with Katydid and HoneybeeLubber GrasshopperKatydid on PhoebanthusMarsh Mallow and BeesSensitive Grass FlowerCherokee RoseBig Cordgrass SeedheadWood Duck and Friends