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Created 13-Sep-09
Modified 3-Mar-17
28 photos
Here are a few images of people who made an impression on me when I happened to be holding a camera, and who were patient enough to permit me to photograph them.

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Russi, BeekeeperFriends by CandlelightThe GrizzTest Drive at Two MileBird Man of St. George IslandApalachicola OystermanYouth and VanityTiger FanAnonymous BeautyFlagmanGreen and HappyAnonymous BeautyCC Lockwood at Bayou PigeonLisa with Lion CubDuane in DelphosArt Director SuperheroSharyl with Lion CubLisa with Knife TargetClyde Butcher at WorkGunslinger

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Roger E. Rupard(non-registered)
Nice work, Russ. I may have to put on my "Poor Old Retired Guy" act and see if i can get some more of your fine work for my house.

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