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Created 13-Sep-09
Modified 16-Feb-17
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Birds of the Gulf Coast

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Carolina ChickadeeWhite-Winged DoveNashville WarblerBell's VireoCommon NighthawkGray CatbirdTufted TitmouseBaltimore OrioleGulls at SunriseGadwall FemaleRed Bellied Woodpecker in Wild CherryHooded WarblerSwamp SparrowMallard, Drake (male)Duckling HybridMarsh WrenLeast Flycatcher

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Matt Conn(non-registered)
Wow....Wow ...WOW.

I was reading Bill Fontenots blog and saw some of your bird shots. Beautiful. I have D90 and do a little amature shooting, no great lenses though. I have gotten into birding recently and love shooting them (digitally of course). I have a great little piece of land down near Lydia (has uplands, flooded woods and marsh). If you are ever up for a bird/ photo trip I'd love to take you there and get some photograghy-birding pointers. Keep up the great work.
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